Holy Week Challenge: At Home With God

The Holy Week Challenge

At Home With God

Want your kids to have a solid understanding of how Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection is grounded in history and essential for their present? Let me walk them through this Holy Week Challenge. In case you missed it or are behind, you can go through at your own family’s pace. All of the information is right here:

Message to Parents

Here is my heart behind this week. I hope to come alongside you as you train your kids in all this week means.

Message to Parents About What to Expect This Week

For Parents:

Here’s the Main Homework

My hope is for this week’s homework to be simple, but for it to drive home a key message you don’t want you kids to miss.

If you participate with your kids, you can model for them how you recognize sin in your life and bring it to God.

Main Instructions for this Homework:

Get an idea of how much you need Jesus. Through all of history, sin just piled up until Jesus came. Let’s get a picture of that! Here’s how:

Get a trashbag or mesh laundry bag and put in one piece of your dirty laundry every time you realize you have sinned in your thoughts, words, or actions. Carry it with you wherever you go.

Big Picture

Each day we will be getting the big picture of why Jesus came, how that relates to history, and how that relates to your kids.

Day 1: What’s the Old Testament About? Part 1.

You can’t understand why Easter is so important without a big picture of the main message of Scripture. This day covered Creation to Moses.

Homework Video for Day 1 Monday 4/6/20

Homework Video for Day 1. It’s 40 minutes, so feel free to break it up. Tomorrow’s will be much shorter 🙂

Day 2: What’s the Old Testament About? Part 2

Let’s continue to look at the big themes of Scripture through the Conquest, Judges, the United and Divided Kingdoms, the Exile, and the Return.

Homework Video Day 2

  • Keep putting a piece of dirty laundry in your bag when you notice you sin in thought, word, or actions. This time, think about what the opposite of what you did is (for example, instead of complain- be thankful). Ask God to forgive you and help you do that right thing instead.
  • Watch this video and count how many times you hear about God being faithful and merciful.

Day 3: How does Jesus Fulfill the Old Testament?

Join us on Facebook live to look at what prophecies Jesus fulfilled and how He longs to be our Good Shepherd.

Homework Day 3

Day 4: What is Passover?

Find out more about what the Bible says about sacrifice and how it points to Jesus, the final, once-for-all sacrifice. Find out more about Passover and the Lord’s Supper.

Homework Video Day 4 (4-9-20)

Day 5: At Home With God

Our last and final day in this challenge, as we discover how Jesus fulfilled the predictions of His death and resurrection- and just how much those mean for us.


  1. Put all of the dirty laundry from your bag into the washing machine. Jesus has died to pay the punishment for our sins so we could be clean! By washing your laundry, you are remembering that. (Ask your Mom or Dad for help).
  2. Move it to the dryer when you are done and dry it. Remove, fold and put it away. Then go back and look at that empty dryer. Let it remind you of the empty tomb. Jesus rose again. If we have trusted Him, it’s like we died and rose again with Him, and we are free from the power of sin and death. We are clean and able to be at home with God.

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