Bigger Problem=Greater Potential

Got a problem too big to handle? So do I. Let’s brave them together, delighting in their incredible potential. Continue reading Bigger Problem=Greater Potential


Lonely Times

Do you have lonely days? From social media to texting, loneliness is compounded in our lives today. But I think loneliness has something to offer- and so do we! Continue reading Lonely Times

More For (not from) Mom

Do you struggle with all the balls you are trying to keep up in the air and all the hats you wear as a mom? Do you feel your life is too full and too disjointed- that the pieces of the puzzle of your life are just too jagged and don’t fit together properly? Here’s a solution you might not have been introduced to yet. Continue reading More For (not from) Mom

Seven Children’s Books that Inspire Perseverance and Grit

If you have or work with children in any way, you are likely looking for ways to help them build solid character. One of the aspects of character that I long for my children to develop is grit and perseverance … Continue reading Seven Children’s Books that Inspire Perseverance and Grit