Prayer for Ukraine

As I watch dear friends flee Ukraine while others stay or go back to minister and/or defend Ukraine, news continues to roll in of Russia bombing a neighborhood, a maternity ward, a nursery school… Originally, they were taking out military bases and taking over energy resources of gas and oil. Now, they bombed the third largest nuclear power plant in the world and then took it over. Schools, hospitals, markets, neighborhoods are all also targets now. My dear friends in country are seeking to rescue, aid, feed, help, and most of all share the truth that Jesus died and rose again to offer an eternal relationship with each person suffering.

My favorite song from those seasons spent in Ukraine was Prayer for Ukraine. Please continue to pray it with me over all the refugees, all those serving in the country, and all those traumatized, hurting, grieving, and spent. The lyrics are below the children singing it. I wonder where each of these children are now.

Моя молитва нехай лине

До Тебе, наче фіміам,

І серце лине безупинно

В чудовий Твій небесний храм.

Боже, я молюсь за Україну,

Боже, молю Тебе за людей.

Ти їх прости, Ти їх спаси

І милість Свою нам яви.

Боже, я знаю, що Ти будеш з нами

В храмі Твоєму під небесами.

Радість і мир Ти дарував,

Життя за людей віддав,

В Книгу Життя нас записав!

В Своєму Слові Живому

Ти для життя веління дав,

Щоб люди всі молились Тому,

Хто на хресті за них вмирав.

May my prayer

Ascend to You like incense

And (may my) heart ascend to You without holding back

May it all ascend to Your heavenly temple


God, I pray for Ukraine

God, I pray to you for the people

Forgive them! Save them!

And reveal to them your mercy.

God I know that You will be with us

In Your temple under the heavens

Happiness and peace You gave

Your life you foreit

You wrote us into the Book of Life

In Your living Word,

You gave the revelation for life

So that all people would pray to Him

Who died for them on the cross.

Want to Help?

If you’d like to help those serving, providing food, rescuing refugees, reaching out to those in need, I have dear friends in much need of support in this. Please message me for their contact information. Click Here to Message Me

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