Praying Scripture

My college English teacher set a precedent for me for how to pray for others. He showed me how to pray Scripture for others. If you’d like to know a simple, effective way to pray for those in your world, this is the top approach I would recommend. Continue reading Praying Scripture


Complexity Mindset (Stops us from wounding others every time)

So much of life benefits from a simplified approach. But what if I were to tell you that there is one area in which wisdom pleads for you to develop a complexity mindset? What Demands a Complexity Mindset? Our fellow … Continue reading Complexity Mindset (Stops us from wounding others every time)

When Merry isn’t Possible

As you pass through the lights and glitter of the season, if not you, someone around you is grieving. This season has a way of reminding all of us of what we have lost. Grief should be a welcome part of this season of joy, making the real meaning of the season sweeter. Continue reading When Merry isn’t Possible