Bigger Problem=Greater Potential

Got a problem too big to handle? So do I. Let’s brave them together, delighting in their incredible potential. Continue reading Bigger Problem=Greater Potential


Untapped Riches

Imagine you inherited billions of dollars, but were continuing your life scavenging junk and living in a cave with your brother. This true story directly parallels many of our lives spiritually. Continue reading Untapped Riches

Crying Rocks, Singing Stars

I used to think what a miracle it would be if stones actually cried out in worship to God (Luke 22:40). Now I know the miracle is not that the stones and rocks and stars could cry out in worship to God- but it’s that they actually do! (You don’t want to miss minute 4 of the video I share here) Continue reading Crying Rocks, Singing Stars

5 Things to Do With Extra Halloween Candy

What can you do if you end up with extra candy this Halloween? Maybe rain cut back the door knockers or your kids just knocked on too many doors or got too much at the fall festival. What can you do with all that extra? Here are some great ideas (that might just even build character in the process)! Continue reading 5 Things to Do With Extra Halloween Candy

10 Ways to Pray for Las Vegas Survivors

The country is reeling from Sunday night’s shooting in Las Vegas leaving 59 people entering eternity, 527 injured, and thousands of others who fled for their lives terrified. I pray this Prayer Guide is a tool to help us to link hands before the throne of God and lift up all who are hurting. Continue reading 10 Ways to Pray for Las Vegas Survivors