Keep Kids Learning From Home

Are your kids stuck at home due to coronavirus COVID-19? Want to keep comprehensive education going while school is closed? Try these free resources. Continue reading Keep Kids Learning From Home

The Controller Love Style

Do you (or someone you love) dislike authority and hate it when people disrespect or interrupt you? Do you see those you care about acting weak and fearful around you? Perhaps your love style has something to do with it.. Continue reading The Controller Love Style

5 Brain-Based Solutions to Stop Procrastinating

Here are 5 practical ways to curb procrastination in your life today. Finally get rid of that guilty feeling weighing on you from all those tasks you are procrastinating on. Continue reading 5 Brain-Based Solutions to Stop Procrastinating

Crying Rocks, Singing Stars

I used to think what a miracle it would be if stones actually cried out in worship to God (Luke 22:40). Now I know the miracle is not that the stones and rocks and stars could cry out in worship to God- but it’s that they actually do! (You don’t want to miss minute 4 of the video I share here) Continue reading Crying Rocks, Singing Stars