Keep Kids Learning From Home

Are your kids stuck at home due to coronavirus COVID-19? Want some free educational ways to keep them engaged while school is closed?

Here are some free ways to keep them engaged and perhaps even build on subjects that get less focus throughout the school year:

Comprehensive Education

Looking to keep up on all the subjects? Check out these great K-12 resources. Thank you to all of my friends that shared these on Facebook!

Learn to Type

Dance Mat Typing is a fun, free, and hilarious way for kids to learn to type from home. It progresses logically, with each lesson building on 2 or more letters until children are able to type the whole alphabet. My kids love the cartoons and reward songs at the end. They will wait to type the last letter in each lesson until the whole family gathers round to enjoy and laugh together about the songs at the end.

Dance Mat Typing

Learn to Draw

Get out some pencils, markers or pens and give your kids the chance to learn to draw. I started to believe the lie as a kid that only a few talented kids could really draw. My homeschool friends confidently cleared that up, having had teachers that believed and proved that anyone can. Take some time to build your kids’ confidence in their ability to draw. Here are a couple Youtube sites my son loves:

Learn a New Language

Since language teaching is my thing, this is especially exciting. While kids are young, they are able to achieve native pronunciation in a second language, so it’s a great time to start. If you don’t have a teacher, I’m partial to Pimsleur programs, which most libraries carry in CD form. Our library offers language-learning apps as well. My friend Julie shared this awesome site if you are learning Spanish:

The Fable Cottage: Fairy Tales in Spanish

Learn to Read Better

Whatever age your kids are, you can have them spend a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour a day reading. Some families have the requirement that for every hour on screens, you have to spend at least one hour reading. Having some kind of screen rule that fits your family can promote hands-on play (Check out How Play Can Make or Break our Kids’ Futures), reading and more. If your kids are still learning to read, I have a whole post on this here:

Teach Your Kids To Read- Inexpensively and Effectively

Learn Math Better

Tons of resources are out there for Math work. I use Dad’s Math Worksheets nearly every day alongside our homeschool curriculum. We do the spaceship math to ensure we’ve got the memory down.  Check out these homeschool sites for more:

Learn to Code

Give your kids the chance to learn computer coding. Khan Academy and have this.

Learn to Solve Problems

With the ubiquitous job market our kids will face- so different from what was available to us, our kids will need to do two things well:

  1. Be completely human (do things computers can’t)
  2. Solve problems

So, why not load your kids up with opportunities to solve problems, doing puzzles, mind-benders, logic puzzles and more. Even better, have them look for problems others around them face and create (and even provide or market) their solution.

Have Fun!

Enjoying time with your kids is one of the best gifts on earth. Think about the time you have with them from their perspective, and communicate in word and action that you:

  • treasure them
  • value them
  • respect them
  • believe in them

What About You?

What do you do to keep your kids learning from home? Please share in the comments. Links are welcome!

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Sip Life Slowly is here to provide resources as you seek to delight in the macro and micro of life in community with your whole heart. More posts are to come with ideas for fun things to do from home with your kids, so be sure to follow. You may also like:

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