Know God. Be Whole. Delight in Life.

Delight wholeheartedly

in life that is truly life.

Know God. Be Whole. Love Living Truth Together

Welcome to a place of rest and restoration. This is a place to:

Ocean and sand

Engage With God

Know and love God. Engage deeply with His love in relationships with your spouse, kids, family, friends, and the world around you.

Sand and ocean

Live Wholeheartedly

Seek God to heal all your brokenness. Embrace wholly your strengths and weaknesses thriving in both the highs and lows of life.

Clear water at the beach

Delight Lavishly

Celebrate the macro and micro of life. Delight in loving God, living truth, and savoring life’s simple joys with those you love.

Trying Times can Take their Toll

What if I Die?

You’re wondering, “What if I die.” What will happen then. Everyone will end up there. Why not know today?

Learn At Home

Here are some free ways to keep them engaged and perhaps even build on subjects that get less focus throughout the school year.

Read the Tides

During the Boxing Day Tsunami, 230,000 people died, 100% of this tribe lived. Why? They could read the tides. How good are you at reading the tides of your life?

Want to live your best life?

Start today! It lasts forever.

The beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit?

Is beauty beyond reach for me? Find hope in the true meaning of these words in 1 Peter 3:4.

Got Peace?

Songs sing of it, people search for it, hearts ache for it- but can you actually find it? Here’s how to have true, lasting, eternal peace.

Love Styles

How can I have better relationships with those that matter in my life? Discover how your love style affects everything.

And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent..

John 17:3

You have a reason to live. And I mean live.

Get to know Him. He longs to walk with you through life, helping you wholeheartedly live your fullest lifeforever.

How can I get through today?

Life is hard. Thrive even in the hard. Triumph with a band of people that you love and that love you well.

How can I help my kids know God?

Our kids have hard questions. Find answers. Equip them to know God for themselves and to stand unshaken.

How can I connect with my whole heart?

The arrows of life wound. It’s tempting to go numb. But you’ll never experience life’s highs without riding its lows.

Take Me to the Blog

Who is God?

God is the One who made you, who knows you better than yourself, and who loves you so much that He left heaven to suffer, die, and claim victory over death so that you could have a chance to have a relationship with Him that lasts forever.

What is God like?

Love, justice, wisdom, perfection, goodness, kindness, power, faithfulness, fairness, compassion, and holiness all flow from God. We can’t even define things like love and goodness apart from Him. He is those things and shows us what they are.

Find out More About God

In Bible times, names carry not just the identification of a person, but their identity. The name tells you what that person is like. Throughout Scripture, we see a number of names for God, including His special covenant name Yahweh. Each name reveals more about His character.

How Can I Know God?

God longs for you to know Him and walk with Him through life. But, we have all rejected Him and been separated from Him by our sin. Through great cost to Himself, He blazed the path back to Himself so that we can know Him and be close to Him forever. He longs to be your Father, Comforter, King, Friend…to give us crazy amazing benefits of knowing Him. He is our highest treasure, though we often find ourselves seeking to either go numb or be filled with lesser things.

Does God Do Miracles?

Encouragement For Today

From trying times in the world to trying times in our lives, we all could use a little encouragement.