Patching Perforated Beauty: Healing Enneagram Perspectives

You are designed uniquely with gifts, abilities, and experience unlike anyone that has ever existed or will ever exist. Your personality is a gem. You are rare.

Yes, you.

Perhaps you’ve come not to believe that. Perhaps arrows from others have sunk in. For many, perhaps most of us, we are still believing lies flung like arrows at us, perforating our beauty.

Check out this infographic about how your perforated beauty can be restored as you believe healing truths about how God created you to be!

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Note: I created this after a recent study of the Enneagram. I truly enjoy different evaluations of personality, love styles, love languages, apology styles, etc. I see them each as tools- just that. They are not boxes to put people in, but tools to understand ourselves and others better and to learn how to better communicate, relate, and connect with one another.

For more on the Enneagram or to find out your type, check out:

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This blog is designed with you in mind. My prayer is that you will scooch just a little closer to the Lord’s beckoning arm. That you will nestle in close to Him and learn from Him all He wants to speak to your soul. That He will breathe on you His rest.

Here on Sip Life Slowly and Enjoy It, you will find resources to help you embrace God with all you are, to engage in the relationships you care about with a fresh face erupting from a fresh heart- full and whole, celebrating the intricate good in your life.

Sometimes I offer recipes that might add flavor and health, other times I tell God stories of how God is working, and sometimes I create a video or resource like this in hopes that it helps you out. If you were encouraged, please like this blog and follow me below. You can also find siplifeslowly on whatever social media you like best Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you liked this, you might like:

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