Define Success in One Word

Can you define success in one word?

God recently gave me the chance to ask a group from all around the world this question. Represented were students and professionals from Columbia, South Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, Chile, and China. This was a challenging, but extremely rewarding exercise.

What is your purpose in life?

To build up to the question, everyone in my 10:10 am class in the English Immersion Program at Missouri State University had written their purpose statements for their lives, combining their values, personality, and activities into one power-packed sentence that defines them. I shared mine as an example:

I am designed by God to seek Him, lean in close to Him, love and delight in Him with all I am and empathetically teach, write, and encourage others to do the same and to wholeheartedly connect with God and others across borders of difference.

I was amazed by the diversity and passion in the room as they shared theirs.

Defining Success In One Word

At the end of the program, we took our purpose statements a step further. We defined success for our own lives. Based on our purpose, how would we know we are successful? What would it look like when we achieve success?

For me, success looks like “Connections.” Check out how my students defined success here:

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How Do You Define Success

How do you define success?

Please share in the comments below.

By taking the time to define success for yourself, you can have a lot more peace in your life.

Achieve Success

Sip Life Slowly is all about helping you achieve success in what matters most to you. It is about building connections that matter between you and God, you and others, and you and the core of who you are. If you liked this, you might also like:

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