Levi’s Dad’s Story

God is With us Through the Pain

Would you like to hear a true story of how God worked in a miraculous way? Here is one man’s story of God drawing near and working in his life even through very painful circumstances.

My grammar class recently selected a person they respect to interview. They asked about a time God worked in their lives in a significant way. Levi chose his Dad, and here is the story he shared:

Many thanks to Levi’s Dad for sharing and to Levi for making this video!


God created a perfect world. He didn’t make people like robots that He could push a button and have us say, “I love you, God!” He gave people a choice to love Him or not. People chose to reject God and His holiness. Their rebellion against Him brought suffering, pain, and death into God’s perfect world. Yet, God has had a plan all along to redeem all of creation from the suffering that sin has brought into the world. If you don’t know about His plan, find out more by reading Got Peace?

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