The Holy Week Challenge: At Home With God

What are you doing for Holy Week with your kids?

The ladies from our homeschool co-op had gathered on Zoom last Friday night for some much-needed fellowship. After everyone had a chance to share how we were doing and what God was doing in our lives, my friend Suzanne asked us this question, “What are you doing for Holy Week with your kids?”

I was speechless. I hadn’t even realized that it was Holy Week. I certainly didn’t have plans. But as I sat there listening to my friends talking about their plans or search for plans, God put something on my heart. And I’m inviting you to join me for it:

Check out two videos designed to show you:

What is this challenge about?

Help your kids get the big screen perspective of why Jesus’s death and resurrection is so important.

What kind of homework are you requiring?

Each day, they can join me for the Facebook live (or watch it later), and then I’ll be asking them to do something simple. They can do the homework on their own, as long as you get the video set up. (Although I’d recommend you modeling the activity for them):

  • Watch a video I link about how part of the Bible shows us Christ. Listen for what it shows about God (repeated themes).
  • Do an activity that helps them see the weight of sin. It’s the same activity every day until Friday. Watch about it here:

First Homework Video

Here’s the video they will watch today. It is 40 minutes, so you might need to break it up, depending on the ages of your kids. I don’t anticipate the others will be this long.

We Hope You Will Join Us!

We hope you will join us for this challenge. We look forward to interacting with you on Facebook live. Here’s the link to join us there:

Success! You're in the Holy Week Challenge: At Home With God.

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