Don’t Be Scammed By a Tow Truck After an Accident

If you’re already shaken up from an accident, the last thing you want is to be taken advantage of by a tow truck driver.

Every business needs to make money, and tow truck drivers are no different. Their business depends on accidents and the large amounts of money often involved. Accidents can be a very competitive market for them. This doesn’t make tow truck drivers bad. It makes them normal business people.

Plenty of tow truck drivers are just honest people out there helping people in need. I’ve been helped by some great drivers in my life. If you know a good one and you normally stay close to home, you can skip the rest of this blog.

However, there are dishonest tow truck drivers out there.  Check out the video and tips below so you are prepared not to get duped when you are vulnerable.

1. Don’t take advice from a tow-truck driver as to whether or not you need a tow.

Dishonest drivers will often recommend you need a tow (which may cost $700 or more) when your car is drive-able.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your car, ask the policeman or call your trusted mechanic for advice.

2. Don’t let the tow-truck driver recommend a body shop

Auto-body shops give tow-truck drivers kickbacks at rates around $200-$1000 dollars. These shops are not always reputable and may not work with your insurance.

If the tow-truck driver won’t give you time to check with your insurance to find out what shops they will pay for, and if they will not give you time to decide which shop you prefer, you don’t want them towing you.

Check with your insurance first. Check with a mechanic you trust about a good body shop if you don’t know one. At least check online reviews.

3. Don’t let anyone tow your car before the police assess the accident.

The police need to fill out their police report first. If you are in a situation in which the police will not come to do a report, be sure you:

  • Exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver
  • Take pictures of both vehicles

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