Hold Regret For Ransom

Every moment, we have a choice to make. A very important choice.

Shall we choose that which we will later regret? Shall we dull our minds? Abuse time and believe it will just always tick us off another opportunity? Will we look back on our lives and wonder- What DID I do with all that time? Where are the results of my hopes and dreams of yesteryear?

We Choose Each Moment Between Shallow and Life

Will we live our lives? Will we actually embrace them?

Or will we numb our minds scrolling Facebook, Tweeting Tweets, checking Instagram, mindlessly flipping through our email, all the while our children dance for our attention, our spouses attempt to talk to us, our meals are ingested, our work continues without diligence and drive, and years evaporate like the dew.

Soon, we look up and wonder how our children are walking out the door. We have a vague sense the relationship is not all we hope it could have been. Yet, we orphaned them on the playground, in our own homes, at our own dinner tables – to lesser things. Things we will never matter. The shallow. The inconsequential.

We have a sneaking suspicion our relationship with our spouse has soured, as we look up from our device to the other edge of the couch where our spouse’s face is lit blue as well.

We self-medicate our inability to face the difficult in our pasts and present by overworking and over-entertaining ourselves rather than engaging in life itself. Our life. The only one we will ever have.

Choose Life

Perhaps we will give our tech a home in our home- one that will not interfere with the life and dreams and goals we have. Perhaps we will look at what we really want, set goals to reach it, and with dignity work toward a life of no regret.

We can choose life. We can choose to be fully present with our children. We can choose the long-forgotten character quality of dignity. Dignity to respect one another and to respect ourselves. Dignity to never let a device compete with a real, live, thinking, breathing person created in the image of God.

Look Around and Decide

Take a look around at the playgrounds. How many mom’s are on their phones instead of capturing memories with their quickly growing children?

Take a look around at restaurants. How many couples are looking at their phones instead of engaging in meaningful talk.

Take a look at how people are letting their time drip away into video games, Netflix binging, social media, workaholism, and other inconsequential bondage. Work and these other things are not bad…but when we give our lives to them without dignity, without choice, without measure, we are setting ourselves up for regret.

Plan for Joy

What is it that really makes you happy? What dreams do you long to be fulfilled? Look around at your loved ones.

Consider. What would it take this year for you to achieve those things in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years…?

What character do you want instilled in your children when by the time they fly the coop? What kind of relationship do you want them to have with you? How do you want them to look back on their childhoods. Plan this month for what it will take to achieve those things in X number of years.

What do you want your relationship with your spouse to be like in retirement. This month matters for that. What goals can you set for this year to build the relationship you want?

What do you want our business, job position, or investment portfolio to look like when you are older? Living day to day, Facebooking your way through times of silence because you can’t stand to be alone with yourself, and letting opportunities pass you by will not get you those goals. Making plans and working toward them will.

Plan for life. Plan for it today. Make today count. Make this year count.

Don’t look back with regret over wasted years. Hold regret for ransom. You have the power to do that. Choose to look back in joy instead.

Be alive and present in this one life you have to live as only you can.

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Photo Credit: Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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