More For (not from) Mom

Do you struggle with all the balls you are trying to keep up in the air and all the hats you wear as a mom? Do you feel your life is too full and too disjointed- that the pieces of the puzzle of your life are just too jagged and don’t fit together properly?

I did, until I read Kristin Funston‘s More for Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life. Now, I see all the God placed pieces as part of a whole- a beautiful, magnificent piece of art that is my life. Turning my perspective of all those jagged, seemingly-disjointed pieces into a unified whole is art that only God could create.

Whole and Holy Life

In her book More for from Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life, Kristin Funston paints a picture of the life God has for each mom.

This life is one that is whole. God created us whole. In Him, we are whole. Our whole life, no matter how messy, is a portfolio of God’s handiwork in and through us. Each part has it’s place. Each mom can find contentment and joy in the whole of it.

This life is one that is also holy. We are holy, because Jesus has clothed us in His righteousness through this death and resurrection. Kristin walks moms through spiritual disciplines in a down-to-earth practical way, making what is vital to our soul simple, tangible, and attainable.

More For Mom. Not More From Her

I know I’m often feeling pulled in many directions, sensing disconnect and a constant demand for more from me.

Unfortunately for many mom’s, well-meaning people whip out their spiritual band-aids for these big-hearted servants feeling the weight of this pull.  They strap these mom’s down further in despair with two lies:

Lie #1: You are enough.

Lie #2: God will never give you more than you can handle.

If you’re in doubt- search the Scriptures for yourself. Neither one of these is there. These are lies from the pit.

You are not enough. Your life is more than you can handle.- And what a load off that is! Especially when you realize:

He doesn’t expect anything more from you or me because He is the more. And He isn’t waiting form you or me to get it all together because He knows He is the all we need to have it together. 

More for from Mom is a heart-felt, down-to-earth dose of perspective for the hard-working, devoted mom that feels pulled in so many directions and recoils inwardly from that one-more-task that might just break the proverbial camel’s back. Kristin speaks friend-to-friend with the reader- with downright, unabridged honesty about the messiness of her own life.

She speaks life. She speaks joy. She speaks hope. -Hope in what He has done, and in what we already have in Him.

To find out more about this encouraging book, check out: More for Mom: Living Your Whole and Holy Life

Download a Free Sample Chapter of More for Mom Here

Better Yet- Want the Whole Book?

Kristin made it possible for me to give away a copy of her book to one of you! Would you like to enter the drawing? I’ll be drawing a winner on Saturday. Please share this with any Mom you know that could use an espresso shot of encouragement!

Enter to Win the Whole Book Here!


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