Dishwasher Hack

Here’s a quick dishwasher hack to reclaim valuable time in your life for other, more important things:

Pre-Sort Your Silverware

As you load, simply pre-sort your silverware.


Then, when unload, you carve off time. All you have to do is grab a handful of forks and put them all away at once; grab a handful of butter knives and do the same, etc.


Spend that Extra Time

Sipping some tea, holding your little one, cultivating that hobby, giving someone a hug, turning on your favorite song- really anything. Anything other than taking more time than you need unloading the dishwasher.

Want More Like This?

This blog is designed to free you just a little bit more to engage deeply in the relationships that matter most to you, embrace the things that make you you with your whole self, and delight lavishly in the small and big of life. If you want more life hacks to carve off time so you can do these things more, check out:

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