Bigger Problem=Greater Potential

“The bigger the problem, the greater the potential miracle.” – Mark BattersonThe Grave Robber.

Are you facing a problem that is larger than life? Is it beyond your ability to handle or process? I’ve been there this last year.

It was honestly an answer to prayer. I want so badly for myself and those I love to wholly belong to Christ, that I will pray bold prayers, asking God to do whatever it takes to make us wholly His. I’ve seen that request answered in big ways through the years, largely through deep waters and down winding,  rocky, rough roads.

Miracle Required

In the last years, I remember pleading that prayer. Then life erupted, and the reality of the dire nature of the situation came to light, and God assured me it was His answer. As things seemed to go from bad to worse, I realized- if my prayer is going to be answered, now, more than ever, I know it would take a miracle.

I’m not going to go into the details of the situation, but suffice it to say, this could be echoed in your situation- in your life, over and over.

Incredible Potential

And when it is, I hope you will, like me, see the problem as a means of drawing nearer to Christ, knowing God more, and seeing His Spirit’s work in your life come to fuller fruition. The roadblock might just be the means of straightening out your path. The agony might just be the threshold to a place of healing. And the elephant in the room might just be the means of breaking down the walls you face.

A Bigger Chance for God to Show Up

The really amazing thing about it all is that the bigger the problem, the more amazing it will be as God shows up in it. The more profound, prominent, and powerful the impact when He acts.

As Mark Batterson says in The Grave Robber, “The bigger the problem, the greater the potential miracle.”

Sip Life Slowly

Take time to delight in the macro and micro of your life, engaging with those you care about with your whole self, and embracing the dreams God has dreamed for you. You can also find siplifeslowly on whatever social media you like best Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you liked this, you might like:

Photo edited from Photo by Andre Gorham II on Unsplash

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