Walking Backwards Into the Future

I love the idea of looking forward into all that God has done in the past and trusting Him with what is behind me that I can’t see (the future). This is a very unique view of the past I’m learning from the perspective of Biblical writers. Continue reading Walking Backwards Into the Future

Grass Smiles at God

The cross-section tissue of a marram grass leaf reflects the smile of its Creator. I truly love the green things of the earth. I just didn’t know that their vascular bundles, which transport water, resemble faces. -Just one more reason to smile when I take in the beauty of a field of grass. Continue reading Grass Smiles at God

How My Kids Can Know God for Themselves

How can we as parents, grandparents, and loving adults lead our child to know God for themselves as opposed to leading them to give lip-service to what we believe? How can they learn to stand in awe of Him and yet draw near to Him for themselves? Continue reading How My Kids Can Know God for Themselves