Limitless Landmark Listening

What does it truly mean for us that God exists outside of the time and space He created? For prayer, the implications are astronomical. My prayers can extend outside of the time in which I live. And they can last and be kept and answered by God in times I will never see.

Our prayers have no space or time limitations because the God who answers them exists outside of the four dimensions He created.

Mark Batterson. Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge

I think of three of my grandparents that I never met. Two of which died when my father was eight years old. My other grandparent died when I was in college. They all loved God. They all prayed. And their prayers are still blessing and affecting my life, because God is the amazing God that He is.

My conversations with the Holy Spirit have affects I couldn’t have fathomed even a year ago. He has extended healing to me in places of hurt long ago, reaching back even to 1982 from prayers of 2022.

God’s listening is limitless. His ear extended to us so lovingly in our time exactly where we are can extend His arm to places and times unseen and unreachable by us. How many landmarks has He created in our lives through the prayers of those outside of our space and time? How many landmarks could we participate with God to create in the lives of those outside of our space and time? God’s loving listening extends limitless life.

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Photo Credit: photo edited from photo by Photo by Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash.

Quote from Mark Batterson’s Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge p108.

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