Feeling Invisible?

Do you ever feel invisible?

As my first year of homeschool co-op wraps up tonight with our Spring Program, my boys will climb on the stage tonight with their classes, and I am sure to melt in tears in my seat as they sing their songs.

My mom, who cried at my school music productions and end of year programs, shared this video with me. In honor of all the moms either wrapping up their school years, plugging on through the summer, or anticipating their kids being home all summer, this video is for you. In honor of the moms of grown kids wondering if what they did meant anything, this video is for you. It is for the mom who sometimes feels invisible.

It is for anyone doing meaningful work. Anyone raising children, serving in their church, serving in their community, doing their jobs well- Anyone who feels invisible.

Builders of Notre-Dame and Other Great Cathedrals

I didn’t realize until watching this video that the builders of most great cathedrals are unknown. Their magnificent work of art lives on after them, even through fire, yet no one will remember their names.

You are building a work of art in your service. If you do it well, if you do it right, your work will live on long after you as a monument to God.

And God sees.

More Like This

This blog is designed with you in mind. My prayer is that you will scooch just a little closer to the Lord’s beckoning arm. That you will nestle in close to Him and learn from Him all He wants to speak to your soul. That He will breathe on you His rest.

Here on Sip Life Slowly and Enjoy It, you will find resources to help you embrace God with all you are, to engage in the relationships you care about with a fresh face erupting from a fresh heart- full and whole, celebrating the intricate good in your life.

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