Fresh Recipe Ideas For Quarantine

You’re at home. All. The. Time. And you are responsible for meals. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. And you have to admit your creativity is waning just a bit. Ready for some ideas?

Mix It Up

Usually bake chicken? Try broiling it, crock-potting it, or turning it into soup. Usually cut up and fry your pork tenderloin as chops? Try smoking it or roasting instead. Usually toss some chickpeas into soup? Try making them into a pita dish (see below).

Stretch It Out

Want to maximize your time in the kitchen so you can spend less time there overall? (This can still work if you are cooking for one)

  • Turn leftover meat and veggies into soup (I’m smoking some pork for pulled pork now that will morph into lentil soup later).
  • Cook double and freeze half for another meal later.
  • Double your grain and separate it for different meals (rice for a side with fish and rice for Chinese fried rice tomorrow).
  • Freeze individual portions. Make a bunch of something and freeze them separately on wax paper. Then toss them all in a Ziploc bag and pull them out one by one.


Out of barley? Use farro, rice or quinoa. Out of chicken? Use a different meat.

Recipe Ideas

I’m pulling out old recipes and hunting down new ones to keep my family fed these days. If you’d like some fresh ideas, here are a few. I’ll be sharing more in upcoming days:

Breakfast: Go-To Cherry Almond Granola

I like to see my kids eating things that are good for them. They couldn’t keep their hands out of this- literally! Cherries, almonds, oats, and a hint of lemony goodness…mmmm.

Lunch: One Pan Mexican Quinoa

Here’s an easy, nutritious, one-pan dish that you can make as spicy (or not spicy) as your family likes.

Dinner: Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs and Goat Cheese Marinara

Light and healthy, this easy one and done meal is full of ranchy goodness. This is one our family all looks forward to. Marinade. Skewer. Grill. Mmm…

My favorite restaurant in Chicago was a little Tapas restaurant right down the street from my dorm on N LaSalle Dr. It served a baked goat cheese with caramelized onions dish like this to put on top of bread. One of the most delightful things I’ve been able to do in recent years is recreate this dish in my own home for those I love.

Dessert: Berry Sherbet

Here’s one of my all-time favorite refreshing summer treats. I used to love sherbet as a child, and now I enjoy making it myself in my ice-cream maker. This recipe is super simple and packs the punch of being loaded with both fruit and probiotics.

More Like This

Sip Life Slowly and Enjoy it is all about helping you enjoy the macro and micro of life. I hope the recipe ideas help give you more brain space to think about the people, ideas, and plans most important to you. Here are some other ideas:

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Image adapted from Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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